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At Sets on Corydon, we offer many kinds of hair straightening solutions that fall within two main categories; Permanent and semi-permanent straightening.

The Permanent straightening methods that we feature are known as The Japanese Straightening System or Rebonding treatment, and the all new Zerran Reform Straightening.

The Japanese straightening / Re-bonding system uses Ionic techology to alter your hair structure from inside out, the result is permanent straight hair, frizz free, soft, and lush. This treatment is best for strong healthy hair that does not have other chemical treatments applied.

Zerran Reform is a natural straightening product. It can be used on any hair type, healthy, damaged, or color treated and bleached hair. However, with permanent straightening system, you will have new growth issue at the scalp, and need to be retouch every 4- 6 month on that area.

Semi-Permanent systems, such as Keratin straightening treatments, can be use on all type of hair, from healthy to damaged, colored and bleached. it last from 3-6 months, depending on the hair type, you won't have too much new growth. The treatment eventually washes out, leaving 70% of the hair will back to the state it was in before treatment.

Recently, Canada has cracked down on formulations containing formaldehyde. While this has affected many different products, responsible manufacturers, such as Coppola the makers of Keratin Complex have been changing and revising their formulas for over a year.

All of our formulations used in our salon are formaldehyde free products, We will always put the customer first, and in Manitoba, salons are part of the Health and Beauty industry, with the emphasis on Health.

Keratin straightening video.