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Walking into Sets on Corydon is an experience in itself.  The shop is both warm and welcoming and my stylist and one of the owners, James, is a pleasure to have working  on my hair - a feat in itself. I am a perfectionist while James is quite Zen.

Every time I have been away to some warm and humid destination, I worry about my hair frizzing up like Medusa's.  So, of course, I took up scuba diving. Let's not even go there. Well, let's go there a little. While in balmy warm climates I always bring a suitcase full of product which drives my husband nuts. Between the shoes and hair product we have to pay extra on the luggage. No, I am not superficial. I just have a hair and shoe fetish.

So, back to the story, I start with twelve or so rollers and painstakingly blow dry sections of hair which takes time. By the time I'm finished with the last section, my husband undoubtedly tells me to forget it because the first section of  my hair is already frizzing up, to which I heatedly reply that at least I have hair. (Well, so does he, but in places you don't want to know about.)

So back to the treatment:  Apparently  this  Keratin treatment is supposed to give me the Asian straight hair that I only dreamed of complete with shine and body. So while other people worry about global warming and nuclear annihilation I've always been much more worried about my goldy locks.  So, back to the story.  In I walked  to Sets on Corydon and was immediately  offered delicious coffee and magazines which I greedily took because - well, isn't that what you're supposed to do when you're offered something free? (Or so my mother taught me).

I also experienced some of James' spiritual wisdom. You get a stylist and counsellor all in one.  First, my hair was washed and then semi dried, followed by a treatment where small sections of hair  were taken and a gentle chemical applied.  The chemical remained on for approximately  forty minutes, followed by an iron steaming of each section of hair which sealed in the Keratin.  My hair was then washed, followed by the best blow dry I've ever had. 
Now, James told me that this look would last approximately six months. Well I was ready to test it on my scuba diving holiday. I went out on the boat and when my dive master and I reached the area where the test would now be taking place, I jumped off the boat and down, down down to a sunken ship. After cutting myself on some rusty metal, instead of worrying that sharks can smell blood for over a hundred miles, I worried about my golden tresses and how quickly the frizz would start. Wow, back on the boat and flying through the water, I realized with mirror in hand that my hair had remained straight!  Not only does James do a fabulous job for his clients, he also teaches other stylists how to give the Keratin treatment.

I'm so glad that one of the most important issues facing Winnipeg women - how to keep your  hair straight - is now solvable by James at Sets on Corydon.