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Relife Collegen Treatment
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The Relife

Collagen Repair System


The Relife is our latest innovative technology in deep conditioning and repair.

Tangles? Dry, frizzy hair? Chemically over-processed? or even breakage? Say goodbye to your worries.


The Relife Collagen has been specially formulated with the finest ingredients available to revitalize and replenish the oils and proteins needed for health hair. This simple two-part conditioning system gives the hair its natural shine and brilliance while eliminating tangles, dryness, and unruly hair. The Relife will revive chemically over-processed, over bleached hair and will protect and prepare the hair for the next color or perm. The seceret in The Relife is the latest in technology utilizing a 30,000 molecular level keratin that is deposited deep into the hair, then trapped within to restore the natural keratin content that was lost due to repeated chemical processes and everyday damage caused by sun exposure, hot-ironing, etc.

The Relife (Collagen Repair Treatment) is a mixture of natural extracts and other ingredients combined with hydrolyzed keratin to treat the damaged parts of the hair while balancing out the differences in the hair strands to give the hair the back its strength and health for a long lasting shine and health. The combination of the Hydrolyzed Keratin and heat from a warm dryer will deposit moisture and give off a brilliant shine giving your hair a healthy look and feel in just one treatment.



Benefits of The Relife Collagen Treatment

• Deeper Conditioning. • Lasting Shine and Bounce.
• Customer Satisfaction. • Quicker processing time.
• The Relife can be used for other processes such as color, tint, permanent wave, straightening, and overbleached hair.


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The Relife Collagen treatment is used to help lock in moisture and maintain a brilliant shine while also opening the cuticles for an easier penetration of the treatment. The Relife Collagen Treatment is a mixture of natural botanical extracts and other ingredients combined with hydrolyzed keratin to repair and condition the damaged areas of the hair while balancing out the porosity for smoother, silkier feel and giving back the integrity of the hair.