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Procedure for application of product in a hair salon



  1. Wash hair with DKA Cleansing Shampoo, as indicated on the bottle or the instruction leaflet.

  2. Dry hair using a hairbrush and hairdryer. The hair should be completely dry.

  3. Put on suitable gloves. Shake the bottle well, then four 60ml or more of the DKA Keratin Treatment into a basin, acording to the hair length and type.

  4. Using a colourant applicator brush, apply the product to sections of the hair of 1 cm max. Continue until the whole head is complete.

  5. Wrap hair in clear plastic or a polythene cap and leave for 20-30 minutes, depending on the hair type, for better absorption.

  6. After leaving to rest, do not rinse the hair, comb through to remove excess product, and then dry fully with hairbrush and hairdryer. The use of the hairbrush prepares the hair for the next phase, which is to straighten the hair fully and evenly using straightening irons.

  7. Divide the hair into 4 sections: Starting from the nape of the neck, take strands of 2-3mm and straighten with the straightening irons at 230 degrees, going over each strand 10-12 times, if hair natural or resistant. Reduce the temperature and number of strokes if the hair has been treated as indicated in the instruction leaflet. The temperature of the straightening irons should never be lower that 210 degrees. Continue until the full head is complete.


After the treatment in a hair salon


Wash the hair, at the salon or at home, with DKA Bioactive Keratin Shampoo, which does not contain sodium chloride or sulphates, and DKA Bioactive Keratin Cream, both of which have a bioactive organic keratin base. It is possible to wash the hair from the day after the treatment. DKA Bioactive Keratin Shampoo and DKA Bioactive Keratin Cream are perfect for any hair type.