Rules for after procedure Print

Suitable for all hair types, the effects of the treatment do not wear off, but last over a period of time if a few simple rules are followed.


Wash the hair with DKA Bioactive Keratin Shampoo which is sodium cloride and sulphate free and apply DKA Bioactive Keratin Cream.


It is possible to wash the hair from the day after the treatment.


After the treatment and before the “first shampoo”:


Keep the hair loose, do not tie or clip back, do not plait;


Avoid swimming pools;


Do not use styling products;


Dry the hair with a hairdryer and hairbrush if it gets wet.


Step One:


DKA Bioactive Keratin Shampoo


DKA Bioactive Keratin Shampoo is an organic, bioactive keratin cleanser, formulated to delicately cleanse the hair and maintain the results of the DKA Keratin Treatment. Thanks to its organic, bioactive keratin, DKA BioactiveKeratin Shampoo nourishes the hair and enhances its beauty and silky feel, leaving it soft and shiny. DKA Bioative Keratin Shampoo does not contain sodium chloride or sulphates, and is suitable for all hair types.


Step Two:



DKA Bioactive Keratin Cream


DKA Bioactive Keratin Cream is a highly concentrated conditioner with an organic bioactive keratin base which maintains and prolongs the effects of the DKA Keratin Treatment. Applied regularly, it also intensely nourishes and repairs the hair, leaving it healthy and in good condition. Suitable for all hair types, DKA Bioactive Keratin Cream should be applied after DKA Bioactive Keratin Shampoo.