Ethnic hair Print

This before picture shows a typical head of hair in some ethnic people. Using a Powerful Keratin treatment created just for ethnic hair called the Natura Keratin Formula with Aloe Vera.

This Organic treatment system is designed for tough, stubborn hair that normally defies straightening, such as African American hair.

This alternative to a conventional relaxer does not cause any damage to the hair cuticle or the scalp. It can be used on color treated, highlighted, or previously relaxed hair.

While most customers will only require one treatment, there are times that the hair is extremely stubborn, and thus will require a second treatment. In these cases, the first application will leave you with a water wave type curl.





As you can see from the picture to the left, after the second treatment, this hair is perfectly straight. It was finger dried without even using a brush, and yet shows healthy, straight hair.

Hair that requires two treatments will have additional costs associated with it rather than a single application.