Japenese Hair Straightening vs Keratin Treatments

Japanese Hair Straightening

permanently straight, it can be wash and go and be straight and frizz free.

Things to be consider before the treatment- you will have a regrow demarcation as the hair starting to grow.

You can not curl your hair, the hair will be more flat.

Not suitable with hair that is highly damage from over colour or bleach.

Keratin smoothing treatment

The effect will last 3-5 months, it suits all hair types ( healthy hair, colour treated, bleach)

Things to be consider before the treatment- the effect does not last as long as the Japanese Hair Straightening, the effect will wash out gradually after 3 months, you will not have regrow.

But you must shampoo you hair with Sodium Choroid free shampoo.

This system is not design for wash and go, you will need to blow dry your hair -at least with your figures and that will keep you hair pretty straight, however, if you decide to wash and go, the hair will have a very natural wave to it but no frizz.

You can still curl your hair for a change if you want.

You can repeat the treatment anytime you want.